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Dead End Tragedy – interview

13 lutego 2013 | By | No Comments

Some time ago your vocalist left Dead End Tragedy. Could you tell me something about the reasons why?

First of all, it has had very personal reasons, why he left the band. Finally we can just say, that there have been much more important things in his life, that he had to take care of than Dead End Tragedy.

What do you think, what Dead End Tragedy lost because of this personal change? Have you any replacer? What type of features must have a vocalist of your band?

In the End, we lost one of our best friends. It is not only a matter of talent, commitment or other stuff. What was really sad is that we lost Raphael as a person, who was always a close friend.
After a few months without a vocalist and a bit too much beer, we came up with the idea, that Tim, our former rhythm guitar player could try to do the vocals, because he also always did some lines in older songs before. Tim also did most of the lyrics for “Unpreventable” already, so it all started pretty well when he started with the vocals a few months ago. Well, so now Dead End Tragedy has only four members left, but we`re defiantely fine with it.

I heard a medley preview of your new album on myspace and it sounds huge! What could we expect from this album? Did you toy around with the sound and did you get the result you were looking for?

To be arnest, we recorded the songs you have heard in the medley in a period where a lot changed for us. The Songs were finished a long time before some of them were published. So for us some of them had lost their energy before people ever had the chance to hear them. Some of the Songs, we can still identifiy with, were recorded with Tim again and will be offered as a free Download, when our brandnew full length album, called “Stagnation is death”, will be released in a few months. We had a lot of time to focus on making new songs during the time without a new vocalist and “Stagnation is death” will be a really huge result, we think.

„Unpreventable” is a great piece of beatdown, in my opinion, one of the best cd`s in this genre. How has it been received by the fans and media?

Thank you very much, we really appreciate that! We see “Unpreventable” today as our Debut, that helped us getting a great base of fans and listeners around the world. The release itself was kind of unexpected and didn`t have the intention to reach a certain genre or growd. But maybe that`s what so many people like about the record. We don`t care too much about the new media. Sometimes we just google our Bandname to see what`s the result. Somewhere between Beatdownhardwear and some downloadoffers we once found a little review about the record.

Your music is full of death metal influences. Do you listen this genre a lot? Your all time favorite death metal album?

This question can be answered pretty fast. We don`t really listen to Death Metal, so we also don´t have a favourite album in this genre. We listen to a lot of different genres and if we are creating a new song and a riff sounds good to us, we use it. As simple as that.

You`re in Beatdown Hardwear. How did you end up with them? What about the cooperation with them? Are you satisfied of that?

Well Toni, the owner of BDHW wrote us a message on myspace one day and said that he wanted to cooperate with us. He invited us to his home in Münster and we had a lot of beer and some good food. Being drunk, we signed a contract, where we had to play 200 Shows a year and pay Toni 500 Euros a month to finance his party lifestyle. NO JUST KIDDING! We became really good friends over the years and we really appreciate the freedom Toni gave us as a band and the trust he always had in us. He also definitely helped us become more popular because of the release of “unpreventable” back then.

What do you think, from which countries you`ve got the most of fans (besides Germany)? What country gives you the best support?

We think, that the support of a scene can mostly be seen in doing DIY-Shows. So far, we definitely had the most shows, besides Germany, in Belgium.

How is the process of creating songs? Do you write in the practice room or at home?

When we have some money in our pockets, we hire professional musicians and see what`s the result, while we are sitting on a couch drinking beer. But this doesn`t happen really often and that`s why we usually just start with some guitar riffs for a new song in the practice room. If everyone likes it, we work on it till the song ist done, otherwise we skip the ideas. But we definitely have to like the song 100 % before it is getting recorded and published.

You`ve written on myspace that you play death metal/ hardcore/ punk. What do you think how much role in your music plays punk influences? Do you fell as a part of this scene? And why?

Punk Music still plays a fundamental role for us. We all have our musical roots in this genre and still listen a lot of bands coming from there. We sure can identify with some of the attitude, like criticism on society, hating fascism and intolerance or the DIY-attitude. You will also hear some more punkriffs in our latest songs, bescause we use it as valve for everything we see in this world.

Your lyrics are full of angryness, brutality and fury. What is your inspiration? What is the target of this uncompromising words?

To be arnest, we were pretty young back then and didn`t think too much about the message while we were writing these lyrics. We also never expected to reach so many people around the world with it. But this isn`t meant as an excuse. Back then, we wanted to be as brutal and tough as possible. Today we all grew up and want to write lyrics that make people think about different things in life and have more subastance and better messages.

In „F.C.P.” you attack some kind of hardcore wannabe`s. Could you spread this shortcut? How often do you meet a people who are at this scene for fashion?

The actual meaning of FCP is Fashion Core Pussy and was headed against people who wanted to be part of a scene, no matter if hardcore, hip hop or metal by wearing the “typical” clothes and who, in the end, were harming those scenes with their appearance. Those people fortunately come and go and just make idiots of theirselves. By getting older and making more experience, you are able to look at this behavior with a huge smile.

„Cherish Being Alive” is about the problem of drugs. What do you think, is this a big problem of today youth? Have you any personal experiences with this things?

If you believe the german statistics for 2013, the number of drugusers is going down, but the number of internetaddicts is rising fast. So today we would probably have to sing “Another post you make, another click you take”. Drugs are not only a problem of today youth. In your youth you lay some stepstones for your future life and it’s a tragedy to see this all go to waste because of drugs. We all lost some people around us to drugs, but fortunately never lost our own trail.

What about your opinion about the straight edge? Any sxe in band?

Straight edge is a great movement and respect to all those who are living their life with this attitude. Never the less, hardliners who are always trying to convince you of their attitude are just annoying. Everyone should live the way he`s satisfied with his life, as long as he doesn`t harm hisself or the people around him. We are not straight edge, but we are sure, that most of us also lived with that attitude a few years in our childhood.

„Protect the ones we love/Nothing can stop us/When you take on them” – How strong meaning have this words for you? How do you try to make this in your private life?

Like already said: we were young, naive and needed the money. Everyone should stand up for the ones in his life that mean the most and they are always worth fighting for.

What about the lyrical themes for a new album? Any innowations?

The album will be called „Stagnation is death“. This theme will probably be a line through the whole record. We as persons and our music has just evolved into something better, we think. And this progress should be seen in every situation in life. Many things are going into the wrong direction and that`s what had an influence on the whole theme. So we just write about everything we see and experience every day. From society, to environment or even technology. We are now concretizing everything for the new album.

Being a part of the german scene how do you see it? Are there any upcoming bands that people should look out for? What about the most fascinating and irritating aspects of your native scene?

The german scene is pretty huge and strong. It also has been stronger, but that`s the past. We are living now and we are proud to ba a part of what bands like Slime, Recharge, Ryker`s and so on once began. There are a lot of new and great Bands, but the list would be too huge now and we would probably forget some. One band that overwhelmed us lately was Bitterness Exhumed, for example.
We think the german Hardcorescene stands for diversity. There are so many subgenres, young and motivated bands and always a feeling of solidarity no matter where you play shows in Germany.
But in some areas you can also see, that the scene is becoming more and more dead. We also already made the experience to visit DIY-shows with an international line-up of great bands and there were like 12 visitors standing in front of the stage. That´s a fucking tragedy. People should be more open minded to new bands and not only come to shows for bands they already know for years and “deserve” to be seen in their opinion.

What about your views on the present political climate in Germany?

If we look at the European situation, we can`t really complain living in Germany. There will always be misatkes made by the government and tries to fix them. We also have elections for our parlament coming up this year. So we will see what happens next.

What is your opinion about the turkish immigrants in Germany? I heard that differences between islamic culture and euro

pean culture often is a source of many problems. Is it right? Are there visible any several disturbance of asimilation process?

Turkish and moslem immigrants belong to the german culture for decades now. A lot of uneducated people try to put all the different Arabian cultures into one scheme and say that they would harm the country. In the End these uneducated, intolerant, media-manipulated people cause the real damage for our society. What is really sad is that immigrants that grow up and finish college in German

y often turn their backs after that and go back to their country to work there. This has probably many reasons like family or returning to his own roots. Our country could benefit so much from these people and it`s sad to see that obviously they don`t see any reason to stay here, even if there were born and raised in Germany. This definitely should have to change.
Some time ago, there were news from am Islamic movement called salafism, that tried to take influence on younger people and society with their extremist attitude. These are problems we should definitely fight against. Like every other extremist attitude.

What could you tell me about the role of history in german politic? You know, we still have in Poland references to communism, discussions about the times of World War II and so on. What about the your country?

Our historical past still follows us like a shadow, not only in politics. Even our generation still isn`t sure if it is ok to say that we “like” our country and being german. Even putting a german flagg on your house during some world championships doesn`t seem always right in some eyes. It has definitely been an unthinkable tragedy what happened in world war II. But our generation and those who will follow had nothing to do with this. People who were involved are mostly dead or disdained by the rest of the nation. We should never forget what happened, but also prove that no one still has to judge our generation or those who will follow.

What do you think, this references to history in politic are needed? On the one hand we have to think about the experience from past times to not repeat the old mistakes, but on the other hand does it make sense still sitting in the past when we have to go ahead?

The question is which mistakes you mean? Taking over other countries with an army, burning down villages, killing countless innocent people? We live in the 21. Century in Europe. This will never happen again, thank God. Humanity can only survive, if it learns from mistakes and tries to make it better, because stagnation is death. But we have to look forward and take care of our problems today. Like we should strengthen the worldwide union in all hardcore scenes. Like you being from Poland giving as a hard time answering all of your questions to get to know us a bit better. Thanks for that and respect! We are creating a poltical and economic untity in Europe. There are no borders anymore. Why shouldn`t we create one European Hardcore scene? Too utopian?

Can you say some words about german life and mentality in your eyes? What about the best and worst features of your nation?

80 % of the Germans are fat and balled, like to eat sausages and drink beer. We think that Germans often like to complain on a very high level and never seem satisfied and happy with what they have. But that`s probably a typical First-World-Problem around the world. Also most Germans are pretty narrow-minded. But we are the exception from all these things.

What next do you have planned for the band?

We will be going to the studio next week to finally record our new full length album.

Thanx a lot for your time! I hope we will meet in Poland soon! Cheers! Last words are yours!

We thank you for your huge interest and are deeply sorry for letting you wait so long. We hope that you`re allright with our answers. Be curious for our new stuff that will probably be coming out in summer this year! We are too!
Last Words: Poland has the most beautiful women, besides Brazil! What the hell are you putting in your drinking water!? (haha, lots of vitamins! – Kwiecio)

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Incepthropy – interview

16 stycznia 2013 | By | No Comments

Hi! What`s up? What`s new in Chile?
Hello people! Here we are with all the enthusiasm to answer this interview. Well actually, there isn’t much going on right now here in Chile. We still have a stupid president. The „Teleton” is coming though, the charity event for children with disabilities.

To someone who hasn’t heard your music how would you describe it?
Well, if we have to define a „genre” maybe we would say what we are a mixture between „Technical Progressive Melodic Death Metal” and some core influences.

You just released a new „Worthlessness” album. How long did you compose songs for this stuff? How have the general reactions to the CD been so far?
The composing took at least a year, and that means the composition of the different songs, recording the bass lines and voices. The reactions for the cd were pretty good. As always there were good and bad reactions, but there were mostly good ones from the people and we really appreciate that.

Could you tell what is the place on the frontcover? Is it your town? Why did you decide to this picture?
It’s a picture of our lovely city, Quillota. At first time we had two choices: an art album of our friend Sebastian Cataldo, and the picture that will be edited by another friend Diego Aranda. But how we are a democratic band, we chose the picture by a 3 over 2 votes. Both were amazing works. At the end we decided to use this picture just because is our home place and where the five of us were born and live. We really love our city.

What’re your personal favourite tracks from the album? And why?
The seventh song, „Redímere” is our favorite, because is short, so fucking fast and brutal. Just because of that actually lol.
And also I (Marcelo) really love the song „King Vs. President” because it talks about one of the best fights that I have ever read: the fight between The President Netero and the King Meruem, both are characters of my favorite manga of all times, Hunter x Hunter!

I know that you played a cover of Swedish legends At The Gates. Why did you choose this team? Is the Swedish death metal particularly close to you?
We choose this song and this team to see the reaction of the people, and at every show, people really enjoyed the cover. Well, we don’t know if it is „close” to us, but we are really big fans of Opeth, at least four of us are fans of that beautiful band.

Do you think you send any type of message to your fans through your music? What about the lyrics message? Is that important to you?
Well, the lyrics have their importance. The songs „Chaos”, „Suffering”, „Vindicatio”, „Redimere” and „Worthlessness” talk about the same, and it is about the hate for the humankind, a questioning for their acts, how they can do thousands of things without thinking about the others, the selfishness, the vengeance that oneself can have in their hands, the redemption that is possible only with death, that kind of bullshit, all those are absolutely personal thoughts. The song „Just another love song” talks about a guy in love and obsessed with his girlfriend, that at the end he kills her and later kill himself. The song „King vs. President” talks about a fight in the manga of Hunter x Hunter, that also is something really personal haha, our intention is not one of „sending a message” at all, we prefer the idea that the people enjoy our music completely. That’s more important.

How do you look back on the shows you did so far?
Well, thus far, taking account our last show at the city „La Calera”, our presentations have been pretty good. The public has received us in a good way. There are always people, except for one show in Valparaiso where we played last for giving other bands the preference of going first because of the organizer of the show. In that one there was practically no one, but things like that always happen. Nevertheless, we’ve been doing pretty well.

How is the process of creating songs? Do you write in the practice room or at home? How often do you play a rehearshals?
The process of creating a song is pretty simple. Our guitarist, Daniel, does all the work at his house. With the company of a good joint, his guitar and the computer, he let the ideas flow for themselves. We practice once a week, every Saturday afternoon and when we have a presentation, we try to practice twice a week.

You mix many different genres together – does this reflect your personal taste? Could you tell something more about your personal tastes?
Well, I’ll try to tell you which genre each one of us identifies with, I mean our favorites.
Daniel: Death Metal and all of its influences, but he is more guided for Decapitated.
Esteban: also Death Metal along with Power Metal. Krisiun is one of his favorite bands.
Carlos: he loves Progressive Metal. Opeth would be one of his favorite bands.
Rodrigo: Black Metal is his favorite and stronger genre.
Marcelo: I’m a big fan of experimental and progressive music. Opeth, The Faceless, The Dillinger Escape and many more. Now I’m listening to Twelve Foot Ninja, they are spectacular.
And that’s about our tastes and influences, so you may have an idea. Also, Melodic Death Metal is the genre we play and our strongest influence.

You shared your new stuff online. Do you view downloading/file-sharing as mainly positive?
Yes, obviously. It is by far the best way to spread your music. Plus, it’s free! There are so many platforms for this that it would be a mistake to think of it as an impediment, specially for independent bands that don’t have an income to create physical copies or even merchandise for the people.

Can you tell some words about Chilean life and mentality? What do you do on a daily basis? School, job, something other?
Of course, in fact the mind of a Chilean is very special. In general, everyone is very friendly, kind and warm. Chilean people are very generous and very good for sharing things.
Our lives consist in getting up, got to college, every once in a while getting together to talk, to share a joint, to laugh, to walk, etc. And I (Marcelo) being with my son and my girlfriend, being with our families, occasionally go to parties, to a barbecue and that’s all. Now, at the end of this year, the guys have been super busy with all the final exams. Sadly, that’s the life of a student.

Besides Incepthropy, are you currently in other bands or have you ever been earlier?
Right now we are all focused in Incepthropy. Daniel and Carlos were on a local band called „Altera” a couple of years ago. Esteban and also Daniel were in another band called „Misanthropy”, but in these days, we are 100% with Incepthropy.

What do you think, how is the metal scene different in South America compared to Europe? What do you think, where it would be easier for you to play, I mean conditions, the stage, the approach of people?
Nowadays, in South America, the genre is very strong and even more in places like Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Colombia among others. In Chile this genre has been arising little by little. Chile, in the old days, had a very strong setting (talking about this kind of music), but it began losing its essence, because people started setting aside independent bands. In our opinion, it would be like a dream to be able to perform in Europe, that’s the place we want to go. We hope to be part of one of those giants and beautiful outdoor festivals, like „Wacken Open Air” for example. One of our goals is to get there and we think it would be the best for us. At least once before we die.

Your all time favorite death metal album?
Rodrigo, Carlos, Esteban y Daniel: Decapitated – Nihility

Marcelo: Opeth – Deliverance

I see you`re a football fan What are your favourite teams and how could you evaluate the popularity of this sport in your country?
Marcelo:I’m a fan to death of Colo-Colo. Esteban and Daniel like „Universidad de Chile”. Finally, Carlos is an Arsenal fan. And yes, football soccer is the most popular and important sport in this country.

When was the last times you laughed and what was it about?
It was last weekend. On a Friday we went to drink some wine with friends. We had a pretty good time, we laughed about a ton of stuff, I wouldn’t know where to start haha. Plus I can’t remember much of what happened and neither can the rest of the members haha.

What next do you have planned for the band?
Our intention, at least for 2013, is to have a stronger view of ourselves and the band. Thus far, there are three models for our next CD that we want to release in the beginning of the second half of the next year, hopefully as a physical version. Also, along with the CD, we want to release shirts, to start organizing events for us. We hope to make „reborn” this scheme of people wanting to go to concerts again, buying the merchandise, being part of our music. Besides we’d like to give importance to underground bands, because here in Chile there are way too many good bands.
We really hope to succeed in every project we have and never stop creating and innovating in different aspects, since that is very important in every band.

Anything you’d like to add to conclude this interview?
Well, thank you very much for taking the time to create this interview, for your support, for helping us with our band. We really appreciate it. Also we want to thank all those people that help us to rise and grow up as a band. Thanks to the public that enjoy going to our concerts and events, (and also to those who doesn’t). Thank you to all of you who have downloaded our music and to our families that support us from the back whenever we have to perform. I, Marcelo, would like to thank Camila, my girlfriend and mother of my son, for always being with me in our shows, for being there by my side always. She’s like another member of the band haha. I love you so much.

And that would be it, once again, thank you all so much for giving us this space to show everyone who we are. We really appreciate it!

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Benighted – interview

16 stycznia 2013 | By | No Comments

Hi! What`s up in France? Have you a first days of spring like in Poland?:) What about the reactions for your new album?
Truch:Hé hé! Everything’s fine here! The album is available for 2 weeks now and the returns so far are amazing! The reviews, fan’s reactions, demands for gigs or festival are great and we’re impatient to start touring for its promotion! We’re so proud of our new baby „Asylum Cave”!

First of all, why we had to wait for your new album for so long? 4 years is a quite long time!:)
It’s at first because we have played a lot for our last album „Icon”, between tours and great festivals like Summer Breeze, Inferno Fest, Hell Fest, Neurotic Deathfest, Obscene Extreme or Metal Fest Open Air. Also the returns for this album were so good that we decided to pay attention to record an album that would push everything farer and show people we did not intent to stop there!

Can you briefly explain the songwriting process for the newest album „Asylum Cave”?
We wrote our new tracks in a very instinctive way as usual, with our rage of the moment and including the ideas and influences of each member to make it sound like Benighted. In rehearsal one of us comes with some riffs and the idea of a track and we work all together for the structure, arrangements, breaks… We had no other purpose than writing a killer album mixing brutality and groovy and giving the listener the need to break his neck!

Were there any differences in the recording process for this particular album?
No, the only difference was inside of us, our evolution as musician, human and deranged people! Hé hé! Our methods have been the same than before.

Your music is a great mix of death/grind and hardcore influences. What determines the proportions of this style in your music? What do you do that your albums are so consistent?
Thank you, I think we know ourselves quite well and it’s very easy to work together knowing what the others have in mind. We don’t plan anything before writing a new song, sometimes the result is very far from the idea we had first! However we always keep in mind to make it effective and surprising because we don’t like to play always the same thing. Each song has to keep its own-identity and be easily recognizable from another. The new album has this more “Grindcore touch” mostly because of our drummer who’s got a feeling very close from this style in my opinion. And it makes Benighted music more violent and rich than ever

What track are you most proud of on „Asylum Cave” and why?
I would say “Let The Blood Spill Between My Borken Teeth” because I feel so much energy and rage when I sing it, especially from the vocals break in the beginning that I love to do!

How did you cooperate with Svencho (Aborted) and Mike Majewski (Devourment) with guest appearance on this album?
Sven is a very good friend for years now and it was quite natural to invite him as guest-vocalist for the track “Unborn Infected Children”. This man is an amazing frontman and we are proud to have him on the new album! Concerning Mike, I’m in contact with him since our “Identisick” album, as we usually share our albums. I’m an absolute fan of Devourment and when I asked him to make some vocals for “A Quiet Day”, he told me he would be very honored to do that! When I received his vocals files, I was very impressed, this man is not human! He he! Their participation on the album is according to the insane and varied styles of voices which underlines the schizophrenia of Benighted!

Why only french fans can hear your French fans cover of NASUM’s „Wrath” as bonus track?
It’s only because Season Of Mist wanted to make a special edition for France where we’ve got a big fan-base and we chose to include some bonus stuff. We recorded this cover song in the studio with Asylum Cave and it fitted perfectly with a special edition. We are very big fans of Nasum.

Let’s talk about the lyrics. Could you tell me what is the most important thing to do a good lyric in your case?
As there’s always a difference between reality and psychosis, each song has to include several meanings. The first reading hides lots of things about psychiatric diseases like symptoms of the man for example. And I’m totally satisfied when all the songs of an album fit perfectly together to tell a single story. And there, it’s about a schizophrenic whose delirium is about his cave and the Fritzl Case.

I know, Julien, you work in psychiatric hospital and part of your lyrics are inspirated by this activity. What was the most crazy and unpredictible thing that you experienced in your profession?
Except from physical aggressions, I remember a day when an old patient came to the office, he just cut his wrists and a superficial part of his throat, it was quite bloody… However the psychotic patients with intense deliriums are very interesting and you can’t imagine all the things I hear and see…

What was the main reason that you decided for working in this place? And what are the negative and positive sides of that?
I just decided that because it was a new place, my colleagues and I had to organize our own-work and it was a fantastic experience! The most positive thing is all I learnt about mind and unconscious work to protect itself. You learn a lot about yourself and it’s great to help people in so unspeakable distress. The negative sides are violence and stress you have to always stay watchful and concentrated.

What do you think, have your specific profession any influence on your personal psycho? Are you sometimes tired because of working with difficult people?
I have the luck to know me quite well, I know where my strong and weak points are and I can handle that without problem. But it’s often exhausting for the reasons I told you just before.

I know you spend a lot of time for your lyrics. Could you tell me how do you begin to work at a new lyrics and on what you put the weight the most?
First I think about a general concept, I write some stuff about a story, study the pathology I want to include in the album and think about the experience I have with similar ill people. Then I decide the theme for each song and when I definitely know what will be my vocals parts, I write the final lyrics. The big point is that the links between the songs must be clear and make from a broken puzzle a perfect picture of mental illness.

Have you a situation that you think your particular lyric is too bad to publicate and you resign from that?
No, I don’t remember such a situation…

Your drummer plays in Disavowed too, right? What is the status of this band now? What about sharing time by him between two bands?
Absolutely, but there’s no problem! Kevin is an awesome drummer and he often helps bands on tour when their drummer is not available too. I think about Nervecell, Nightmare, Sabaton… So far we never had problem of organization with Disavowed, and we respect this band a lot, they are amazing!

Could you tell us more about your musical influences besides „extreme” music? What are some of your guiltiest pleasures that one wouldn’t expect to see on your mp3 player? :)
The only music I listen except from metal is classical music so I’d say Mozart.

How about your families, are they supportive of what you are doing?
Absolutely, my girlfriend is very understanding and supports me a lot. My biggest fan stays my daughter who is 4 years old and who already starts to growl! (laughts)

What about a political climate in France? What about the society reaction for a catastrophy in Japan? I know that 80% of electricity in France in depended from atomic power stations, so you have a very developed this type of making electricity. Did you noticed any type of concern in french society because of big threatening during the natural disasters?
It’s shitty everywhere there, not only because of the Japan catastrophic stuff but also because of the wars in Arabian countries. Everything concerning energy becomes very expensive these times and the much more terrible things than oil inflation are not close to stop as we can see…

What’s the Benighted plan to do in the future? Touring Soon? Where and with who?
Right now I prepare myself for our French tour which starts tonight! Ten days of brutality and fun with our friends Kronos and Gorod! It will be amazing! After that we’ve got some big festivals like Summer Breeze or Neurotic Death Fest, and we hope to be on tour in Europe as support of a big band in autumn but I can’t tell you who right now.

Thanx for your time! Any final words for our readers?
Thank you for your support! Discover Asylum Cave and see you on tour to show you what Benigthed is capable of on stage! Stay sick!!

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Misery Index – interview

16 stycznia 2013 | By | No Comments

Hi, what`s up? What about your feelings after the Obscene Extreme 2010? Did you enjoy this event?:)
We had a fantastic time, just a very well run festival with an astouding lineup. We saw many old friends and made some new ones, and enjoyed the food and Czech beer. The city where it is located is just the right size, and the area around the fest is full of nature and things to do. We hope to play again sometime.

How was on stage? There was a strong rain and some thunders at night, but for me it was a great atmosphere for your show. It was for sure the best your show I`ve seen.
The rain was a bit of a hassle, but we dealt with it, it was very hot there during the day, so the rain was also somewhat nice to experience at the end of the day. We had fun ripping set, and I am glad you enjoyed it.

You`re after the release a new album „Heirs To Thievery”. What about the reaction of people? Compared to „Traitors” where do you think the biggest difference in the music is nowadays? Did you toy around with the sound and did you get the result you were looking for? Did you feel any kind of pressure with this album?
So far the reaction has been fantastic, we are very happy to get some good words from people all over the world because we put a lot of time and energy into this album. Compared to the previous album “Traitors” I think it represents a natural next step for the band a sort of refining and more precise approach to mixing grind/death metal and punk, which we have been working on for years. We are about 90% happy with it which is all you can ask for, there are always little things you wish you could alter afterwards, but we are content. As far as pressure, we felt only some push to improve ourselves and try and write better songs, which we think we have done.

What’re your personal favorite tracks from the album and why?
I like “the Carrion call” because of the way Mark structured it, just some nice heavy riffs and a blazing fast middle section. Also the lyrics to this one are really special to me as they are the most environmentally conscious and nature-oriented lyrics I have worked on. After that I would say “The Spectator” cause its something new for us, just a straight ahead simple tune that smashes along with very harsh, critical lyrics that are also personal to me, so after that, I like the entire record.

You’ve had your share of difficulties with the line-up. Sparky had to left the band, but I`ve heard you have a new musician for his place, right? Could you tell something about details? Do you feel you’ve gotten a stable line-up by now?
Yeah the new guy in Darrin Morris, he is our friend from back in Maryland and also the guitarist in Mark and Adam’s sideband Criminal Element. He is a great guy, and a great shredder so look forward to his work in the coming dates and on the next album.

Your music is full of hardcore influences. Could say something about what you think it adds to the music? Which hardcore bands are your favourite?
We are into hardcore for sure, mostly the hardcore punk though like Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, From Ashes Rise, Unkind, World Burns to Death, Severed Head of State, as well as some newer bands like Black Breath, Trap Them, and Nails.

Who mostly writes the music and do you write songs all the time or just in periods? Could you describe the typical process of making particular track?
We all contribute to the music, although Mark and Adam are getting most of the credit these days. Its always in the end very much a band function, everyone gets a voice and we all comment and contribute to the shaping of the music. Usually its one guy writing the skeleton form of the song, and then he brings it to Adam, and then the band assists in refining the song.

You`ve a specific, painting pictures of your last albums. Who is an author of them and what could to tell about the concept of them? Do you think the visual aspect of the music shouldn’t be taken lightly?
We wanted covers that presented an unmistakable representation of the lyrics of the title track. We worked closely with artist Orion Landau in developing the concept, and he is very precise in giving our ideas a proper, reified form with the last two albums. He is brilliant!

What do you think about the people who still compare your band with Dying Fetus? Is this irritating you?
Not at all, although at this point, nearly 10 years after, its a bit uncalled for. However, we are both friends and happy to be representing the Maryland death metal scene out here in the global underground.

How big a role do the lyrics play for the band, and music? What do you think, the people pay attention on that? What is your goal in writing political engaged lyrics?
A monsterous role, they are the second only to the music, but very important to the entire concept of Misery Index, we just want to be on stage screaming about something we are very passionate about and means something to us, so we go with real-world lyrics and criticize all the nonsense on this planet that gets us angry. The goal in this is to make the music better, and create something sincere and real at the same time.

Do you read a lyrics of any other bands? Which do you evaluate as the most interesting and why? Have you any lyrics, which changed your life in any part?
I can identify perhaps a few lyricists who are the biggest influence on me. Martin Walkyier of Sabbat (UK) and Skyclad, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, Todd Burdette of Tragedy/HHIG, and Barney Greenway from Napalm death. An odd lot I know, and there are many more, but these guys are the first that come to mind.

Title of your new album and lyrics wants to show us process and stories about permanent colonial expropriation from perspective of poor, exploited people. Why do you write about this topic and why is it an important thing for you? Would you like to show that America is a state constructed on the base of falsehood and hypocrisy?
I think its an overlooked subject in American history and it is something that many of those in power like to forget, so the history books we give to the schoolkids often omit the ‚bad side’ of our nation’s history, they do not talk about the shameful parts involving exploitation, expulsion, imperialism and genocide, they only talk about the pretty stuff or leave the bad stuff as an afterthought/footnote. So the title track is something of a reminder of sorts. I write about it because its something that gets me angry and that is always good for Misery Index lyrics! I do not think the ENTIRE American history is comprised of falsehood and hypocrisy, I just think the bad sides should also be as well known as the good stuff we always hear about (whatever that might be these days).

Track ‚The Seventh Cavalry’ it’s all about a massacre that happened in the South. Why this theme was inspiration for you and could you explain what concretely was happened there?
Its actually the Wounded Knee Massacre that took place in the North, in North Dakota. Its sort of a microcosmic story within a story of the title theme, about a regiment of the US cavalry that massacred nearly 100 men, women and children of the Lakota Indian tribe and dumped them into mass graves, and afterwards they were awarded medals for what the did by the US Government.

I know that ‘Fed To The Wolves’ is about your personal experience with the school system. Could you tell me something about the indoctrination and manipulations in American school system? Would you agree that school kills the creativity and sensivity?
I understand that the general school system is necessary for the acclamation to society and for socializing and working with others etc. I just found, at least in my experience, a very harshly meritocratic system that more or less was inculcating the values and ethics of the capitalist workplace, over and above the encouragement of free, imaginative thinking. I know at a young age the basics must be covered first, but for those of us who want to choose a different path in life, I think there should be alternatives, and this means for the poor and working class as well, not just the wealthy kids should have options and access. How many potential Einstein’s are languishing in the impoverished cities of the world?

I`ve heard that in America, schools are educating an outstanding individuals especially, treating with neglect less capable people. Am I right? How could you expand on this theme?
Its hard to generalize, but of course the star students get the most attention and the fast track to university, and usually have access to the most resources and a proper learning environment. On the flip side, there are hundreds of thousands of kids who deal with terrible school systems and crumbling communities. This is the uneven nature of development under the hyper-capitalist system in the US.

„The Spectator” tells about the people who gave up their dreams and choose a typical lifestyle. What do you think, what are the main reasons that people don`t want to take a risk, escape from routine and try to live like they dreamed?
The culture in America is very strong and accentuates these materialistic desires from an early age. They are very powerful and potent, as well as attractive, and such a lifestyle is perhaps comfortable for some, but to give up your „real” dreams and desires for a materialistic driven life is a tragedy.

In your lyrics I can find lots of philosophical criticism of capitalism, modernity, politic of big corporations… Could you tell what do you do in your personal life to fight with that? How could we live for not to be in a „corporate claws”?
I try to follow a very harmonious life in terms of what I feel in my spirit, and how I relate to the earth and other humans. I think there is a moderation that works for everything and without resorting to doctrines or rules of oppositional thought, I take each day as a new opportunity to make my own reality. In this regard I live most of my days out as a touring musician and I feel it provides many experiential rewards, even if we just ‚break even’ at the end of the day. In this regard I understand that not everyone can just ‚opt out’ and live outside of the culture, we have families to support and communities to take care of, and we need to chip away at the system that surrounds us, and carve out some semblance of reality that works for us, and its different for everyone, everyone needs to determine whats best for themselves, and the best way to start is to change life in your own backyard first.

„Traitors” was criticizing a Bush-era in America. Could you tell me how do you evaluate an Obama`s politic?
Well, he has a lot of grand ideas, but in Washington DC such thinking gets eaten alive. Reality sets in once a President arrives here and finds a congress that he needs to get anything done is often totally against him. Politics in America is increasingly a charade (as if it was not before) and meaningful change comes very rarely if at all, despite the „hope” that a change with Obama might have initiated.

In the last track from the album: „Day Of The Day” you used the Spanish phrases. What was the goal of that and what does these words means?
Mark wrote the lyrics to that songs along with a friend, its a very personal song for him and I can not really speculate on the goal, although I know he wanted to use the Spanish in a song as it is a world language as well, and its sort of a shout out to our friends south of the border.

Could you tell me what was the reason why did you release „Pulling Out The Nails” compilation? Are you satisfied from response of fans?
Well in recent years we released a lot of material on small labels, splits, 7 inches and eps, and they were for limited runs and are now out of print and hard to find. We decided to collect all the old non-album material in this sense and put it all on one cd to keep it all in print and available for newer fans.

I`ve read you would like to release a split with Italian band Tsubo. It is right? Why with this band? Are you a good friends?
We have been trying, we are backed up with promised splits to several bands, and its getting out of hand, hopefully one day it will happen.

These days every person in the metal/hardcore scene with access to a computer is quick to voice his or her opinions negatively about bands, how do you feel when you see something written negatively about your band?
It does not bother me, you can not please everyone.

How much do you pay attention to what is going on in the underground and grindcore/death metal in general nowadays?
I check some websites and of course we tour with and see lots of new and old bands, so I think I have a good understanding of the underground and always have.

At this point in your career, what would you say is the most important piece of advice that you’ve received?
Before anything else enters the picture, always write and play music that pleases yourself, NOT what you think people want to hear, what labels want to hear, or what you think will make you big. If you are sincere in your art, everything else follows naturally, for better or for worse.

What have been your favourite experiences whilst on tour? How do you keep occupied when your travelling hundreds of miles to the next show?
Seeing sights aside from the show, walking around the city, trying new foods, and seeing the countryside. I do a lot of hiking and birdwatching so that helps out a lot with the waiting around the club, and then when we travel I read.

You`ve seen a lot of interesting places in the world because of touring with your band. Which places, countries impressed you the most and why?
I like Turkey, New Zealand, Finland and Eastern Canada (Newfoundland), they all are special for personal reasons in addition to being interesting and unique places in the world.

When you’re not touring and playing music what do you then do for a living?
I do what I can do to get by and make ends meet.

To vary this thing a bit before we approach the end, d’you have any hobbies, interests, collections etc outside your bands that you can tell us about?
Birdwatching, hiking, camping and writing.

What next do you have planned for the band?
Touring for the next few years, then writing the magnum opus.

Thanx a lot for your time! I`m proud you will be a part on my zine! I hope we will meet soon on your show! Anything you’d like to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the interview!


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Ingested – interview

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Hi! What`s up? What about the effects of eruption of volcano on Iceland hehe? Are you in clouds hehe?
Hey all is good in the ingested camp, yeah the volcano caused some serious problems the other week, effected not just people’s vacations but also touring bands which sucks, parkway drive nearly didnt make it over from Australia but managed to get the first possible flight out to start there tour with despised icon which was cool.

First of all I would like to congratulate on your great debut album:). It was one of the best cd`s for me last year. How has it been received by the fans and media? Are you satisfied from the effects?
Thanks glad you enjoyed it, we got awesome reviews in music magazines in the uk which was really good for us, we have had positive responses from all our fans and good reviews online too, so yeah we are really happy with what we achieved with ‚surpassing…..’

What do you want the listener to get out of Ingested’s music? Would you say the new album is the best place for a new fan to get their first taste of Ingested?
We want the listener to head bang and enjoy the riffs, the debut album is a good start for a new fan but to see us live is the best place to hear ingested for the first time we put on a heavy and ferocious set that will literally rip your face off!!!

What could you tell me about your works in studio? Any funny stories hehe? Did you toy around with the sound and did you get the result you were looking for? What sort of equipment do you have? How many did you need to record your debut?
Well the recording process for us was quite challenging because we were recording on a farm with no hot water or proper cooking facilities and of course it was october/november so it was freezing and there was no heating in the barn, we were there for two weeks like this so it got a little stressful for some of us but we got through it. cant really think of any funny stories to be honest, that might be because we all got totally wasted after recording each night haha. on the album we used ESP guitars, peavey heads, tama drums, paiste cymbols etc….

How do you see a differences compared to the split with Crepitation and Castrated? How did it happen you released common cd? What could you tell about actual situation with these bands?
We think the album is a huge step up to the split, it shows our progression as a band with the songs, the structures and the general technicality of what we were playing. as for the release of the split all the bands had played together and we were all buddies, none of us had released anything at that time so we all decided to get together and release a CD featuring all of us, we all thought it was a cool idea. crepitation and kastrated are still together, crepitation dont do much because all the members are in different bands and live all over the UK, however they did release some promos not too long ago, as for kastrated they are currently working on a full length.

I have seen Crepitation on their show on OEF 2009, it was amazing. They are probably very humorous and heart-lighted team hehe… Are you too? Are you good friends? Have you any common parties?:)
Yeah crepitation dont take themselves too seriously which is cool as for us, as idividuals we are a bunch of idiots and always up for a laugh and a party but we do like to keep our live shows as professional as we can, we like our shows to be really in your face and as brutal as possible, so our funny sides dont tend to come out when we are on stage but we dont take our selves too seriously i dont think. we are friends with crepitation and see them every now and then which is cool.

Did it motivate you differently that you landed on Candlelight Records? Any words about the conditions of your deal? What could you tell about your cooperation with Grindethic, Siege of Amida Records in the past?
We had already done the album on siege before we officially got the deal with candlelight in the US so our motives didnt change at all really, we were just happy to get the album out over there.

I know you’re doing lots of concerts in Great Britiain, but what about outside of the country? When could we expect you European Tour?
We are busy for the next month or so with a few tours in the UK which we are all really excited about because we are doing our first headline tour, as for europe we hope to get back there again later this year but we will see what happens, we love it over there so we will all we can to get back and please all our fans.

You played a tour with Black Dahlia Murder, nextly you will play a tour with Carnifex. They are very famous bands in this moment. How did it happen you support them? Do you listen their music?
Well it was a honour playing alongside the black dahlia murder, we had the best time with those guys and all the other bands, we are all massive fans of all the bands on the bonecrusher tour so it was really amazing that we were given that opportunity, our lable was a big help gettin on that tour so we were really appreciative about that. we got out with Carnifex again in the next couple of weeks and we can not wait for it, be good to play alongside those guys again.

What do you think about the popularity of deathcore genre? Do you feel a part of them in any aspect? In your music I listen some influences of core and I know you like hardcore like Terror, Hatebreed, Knuckledust… I`be listened the opinion in Poland that you are nearer to bands like Suicide Silence now (compared to your stuff from split)…
Im all for the deathcore genre, there are some really good bands out there to check out, as for the popularity of it i think its cool, it opens up a lot of people to heavier music, with that though comes alot of bands just jumping on a trend to get popular, alot of bands in the deathcore scene somtimes just write the music to get big as quick as they can and dont focus enough on the music itself which for me gives them no musical integrity at all but like i said there are alot of decent bands. we are all fans of hardcore which does sneak into our music every now and then, we like to appeal to the death metal kids and the hardcore kids so yeah we do feel part of the deathcore genre which we dont mind. at the end of the day we see ourselves as death metal if other scenes enjoy our music thats cool with us, we dont want to isolate our fan base to one genre so if we appeal to all types of metal we can only embrace it.

To someone who hasn’t heard your music how would you describe it?
Fast, brutal and blugeoning!!!

Could tell me something about your vocal technique? Have you any “tricks” to make your voice deeper? How long did you learn to get this great results? Who is you death/grind vocal master?:)
Jay is our vocalist, his technique is pretty much just growl as loud and hard as he can, he doesnt use gutturals or inhales just straight up growling, everyone has their own way of doing vocals and their own style, jays style works best for the music we write so we cant complain at all.

You have a interesting frontcover. Could you tell something about the author, concept of that?
The man who created our front cover is legendary death metal cover artist Toshihiro Egawa, as for the concept we gave him the lyrics to the song ‚cremated existance’ and he came up with that with his own imagination, as soon as we saw it we were all blown away and couldnt be happier with it, it really suits the album.

What is the element of music Ingested, which you like the most and which you don`t like too much?
The ingested sound is just basically to combine technical and heavy riffs with punishing grooves and breakdowns. we like to keep the structures interesting and as catchy as we can.

How big a role do the lyrics play for the band, and music?
The lyrics are very important, we pride ourselves on having offensive songs, we are well know for our shocking content which attracts alot of people to our music. the lyrics and music go hand in hand together.

You have a video to “Skinned And Fucked”. What do you think about the promotion the band on youtube? Are you often using youtube? Which are you favourite metal/hardcore videos?
We have had some really good promotion on youtube and it is a useful tool for bands, our video to ‚skinned and fucked’ has had a lot of hits which is good promotion for the band, we have a lot of cool live vidoes on there which is good for people who have never seen us live to get a little taste of what we can do. some of my favourite metal videos would have to be Despised Icon – In The Arms Of Perdition, Suicide Silence – Wake Up, Job For A Cowboy – Embedded, Through The Eyes Of The Dead – Failure In The flesh.



To vary this thing a bit before we approach the end, d’you have any hobbies, interests, collections etc outside your bands that you can tell us about?
Our vocalist is a massive movie fanatic so he collects alot of films, usually horror and gore films, brad our bass player is a massive gamer and i collect Spawn comics. as for hobbies, we all like a good drink at the pub.

What are your goals from now on?
We are currently writing our next album so we hope to get over to the states next year to tour it, we just wanna keep doing what we are doing, play more shows, do more tours and keep gaining new fans.

Anything you’d like to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the interview, keep supporting ingested, come to a show buy some merch and come party with us, see you on tour!!!

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Your Chance To Die – interview

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  1. Hi Melissa! What`s new in the band and in USA? :)

We just returned from Central America and Mexico on tour and had a great time. The fans there are just wonderful!

  1. Lastly you`ve released a new album „Suscitatio Somnus”. I would like to congratulate the great piece of music! Could you tell something about the process of recording this stuff? Are you satisfied from the final effects?

Thanks! We recorded the album in two sections because at the time we weren’t signed and couldn’t do it all at one time. We recorded with Jamie King (The Human Abstract, Between the Buried and Me, etc) which was an amazing experience for us. We are very satisfied with the album and all of the hard work and effort which was put in to it.

  1. What’re your personal favourite tracks from the album and why?


Libations of Blood for sure. It was the most recent track we had written and reflects more of what the direction the band is going in musically. I also love Nigun Atardecer es Igual, because it was written for me by my husband, guitarist Coca, and was a surprise track for me on the album.


  1. What are you doing to promote the new album and to get heard? Is it difficult to promote your music in USA between lots of young bands?


The album has been out for a few months now and we continue to try promoting it through facebook, playing lots of shows and touring. It is difficult in the US because of the mass of bands which are up and coming now, and there is a lot of competition.


  1. You play a melodic death metal with a deathcore influences. What is the most interesting in this music for you? What do you think about the big popularity of deathcore/metalcore music and pity bands with a tons of ill breakdowns and image as a hipster/emo kids lol? :)

This album definitely represents us in this light, but as our fans will see, our newer music moves us farther away from the ‚deathcore influences’ and puts us in a more progressive/technical genre of death metal. We love melodic music and will always carry that in our songs, but the deathcore genre is really played out, especially here in the US and we are maturing as musicians and wish to move away from that. There are thousands of deathcore bands out there, and there is nothing wrong with the genre, however, musicians should always be trying to be better musically and not stick themselves in a rut playing a million breakdowns just to get the kids to throw down. It’s hard when you see that ‚hipster’ image so much at shows…and they just stare you down when you play something really beautiful, technical and melodic..but the minute you throw a mindless breakdown in the mix they act like they’ve heard the most amazing riff in the world. It can for sure be frustrating.

  1. „Suscitatio Somnus” means something like „The Raising Of The Sleep”. Why did you decide for this title and what about its connection with an album concept?

Awaken the Sleeper..and it is a call to the world to wake up from their deep slumber and start making a difference. One of the biggest problems in my culture is complacency and mediocrity…and it is time for us to change the world instead of letting it slip away.

  1. I enjoyed your t-shirt with an ironic KFC logo, that`s great! It means you are veggie/vegan? Are you engaged in this things? Why did you decide to release this type of shirt?

Haha! Not at all!! We are the biggest carnivores in the world! The shirt started off as a joke in the van one day about how to represent our ‚southern style’ of metal…I suggested ‚death metal served up southern style’ and one of the guys thought it’d be funny to put Colonel Sanders (which is an icon of our famous Kentucky Friend Chicken restaurant chain) getting eaten by a chicken. It went over very well!


  1. I`m very impressed by your vocal. How long did you exercise to obtain this results? Have you ever had any problems with your throat after the concert of rehearshal?

I have been doing gutteral vocals for 5 years now. It took some time to get the range that I have. Believe it or not, the highs are harder for me than the lows. I use a proper techinique so, I don’t have any problems with my voice after a show.

  1. Compared to „Your Chance to Die Demo” where do you think the biggest difference in the music is nowadays?


I think music is in a really sad shape nowadays. Kids listen to pure processed crap filled with untalented musicians and autotune. Musicans don’t work hard anymore…they are processed and produced to the point where anyone can sound like they have talent. The stuff I hear on the radio is pitiful and I wish that people would learn a real appreciation for music again. Go back to some of the classical works, you know?


11.You’re signed to Red Cord Records. How did you end up with them?  Did it motivate you differently that you landed on this label? Do you want to continue work with them?


RCR came about out of nowhere. We are the first real heavy band that they have signed, so we both have taken a risk on each other. But they are wonderful people to work with and really care about their artists development and success. They have put out album out in places that we couldn’t on our own and given us lots of love, support and encouragement that we needed to get to a higher level as a band.


12. On your profile photo your bassist has a Coheed And Cambria t-shirt. Is this means that you are into wide range of genres? Could you recommend me some bands which you like outside the metal scene?:)

We all have a variety of influences and I think that helps us be diverse as a band and blend different sounds into our music. We love power metal, symphonic and operatic metal..some of the guys get into hardcore every now and then, as well as classical music and old school ‚rock and roll’

13. I know you’re doing lots of concerts in USA, but what about outside of the country?


Yep, just got back from Central America and Mexico, absolutely amazing! We want to focus more internationally, so anywhere that’ll have us, we’re up to travel to!


14. Besides Your Chance To Die, are you currently in other bands?


No, we all focus 100% on YCTD


15. What were your first ‘extreme/heavy’ albums when you were younger? Also (if it wasn’t one of those) what was the first album you ever bought?


For me personally, I was born in 1981, so Boy George was the first cassette I ever owned!  Coca had old school metal tapes like Mortification and Death. I started out in that 90s grunge phase then shifted to emo/indie rock when it first came out. When I met Coca I really got into the heavy stuff and it’s been that way for the last 10 years or so.


16. To vary this interview, could you tell me if you have any hobbies, interests, collections etc outside your bands that you can tell us about?

I’m a Star Wars nerd…the biggest one you’ve ever met…and I coach a little league baseball team. haha! That’s real metal, huh?

17. What are your goals from now on?

Full time touring and playing, for sure. Right now we all have to hold down regular jobs to pay the bills and fund the band, but we are shooting for that ‚rock star’ dream to play music full time.

18. Thanx for your time! Anything you’d like to add to conclude this interview?


I think you’ve covered it all. Its been a pleasure and we hope to make it out your way very very soon!

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Enfold Darkness – interview

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Hi! What`s up? :) Are you ready to „fight” with my questions? :)

Let’s do this. Lead guitarist, backup-vocalist, and band founder Matt Brown checking in.

You`re from USA, but I hear a „swedish” inspirations in your music. Is this correct and if yes could you explain why that is? Which bands from that region are the most interesting for you?

It is true. Some of the music we have written so far does have some Swedish death influence to it. I think this is mainly due to the fact that Mike Low, our original second lead guitarist, and I were very much into that style when we were writing our first demos and debut record, Our Cursed Rapture. We were really into bands like In Flames, Soilwork, and of course… At The Gates!

Your vocal is quite similar to the Cradle Of Filth singer. Is that a petty matter for you or are you proud of this comparison?

Our Cursed Rapture’s vocals were performed by both myself and Justin Corser. To be honest… during the time that I was learning to write lyrics and vocal patterns, Cradle Of Filth was an absolute obsession for me. This time period was also around the time that I was writing OCR, so the end result was an album with quite a few „Cradle-isms” — at least when it comes to the vocals. I am actually pretty proud of the almost 100% replica of Dani Filth that Justin Corser and I pulled of on that album because it was pretty meticulous to record and pretty difficult overall. So all-in-all, yes, I am proud of this comparison when applied to Our Cursed Rapture, but I must stress how we are going to strive for the development of our own style on future releases.

You show in your music that you`re a very good, technical musicians…How long do all of you practise and play music instruments every day?

We usually play at least an hour a day if we are busy with work and such, but if we are free from our enslavement, we usually dedicate several hours to either writing or developing new guitar skills. We also tend to practice as a band at least once a week.

What about the people in USA? Are they focused rather on American metal scene or are they often following the European bands too? Which differences do you see between American and European style of playing metal?

No comment.

“Our Cursed Rapture” is your last album. How do you evaluate this album and how have the general reactions to the CD been so far?

It has been pretty good. It was released in 2009, but we still see people buying it online and at shows. I’m not sure about stores… but who actually buys records from stores?

You’re signed to Sumerian Records. How did you end up with them?

We played a show with The Faceless in our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee in March of 2008. Mike Keene, guitarist of The Faceless, noticed our performance and approached us about signing with Sumerian. At the time, Mike was acting as somewhat of a scout for the label, and he was our connection with them [Sumerian] initially. After that, we went through the lengthy process of sending them demos, getting a contract, negotiating that contract, and finally… by the fall of that year we were signed to Sumerian Records. However, nothing started happening for us until mid-late 2009. I think we were actually announced in 2009, although we had actually been technically signed for almost a year at that point.

Do you take care of things like t-shirt designs, booking shows and that sort of things yourselves or is it something that label handles?

We have a booking agent who books our tours, but we generally take care of our art. Sumerian has an inhouse graphic art designer who takes care of the presentation of certain pieces of art (for CD’s and things like that). We also have a budget for designs for t-shirts, so we usually get artists to design shirts with a certain theme to them.

 You`ve played the tours with a famous metal bands like The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Burning The Masses. Which guys were the best comrades in touring and why?:)

We have had a blast with all of the bands we have had the privilege and honor to share the stage while on tour… but I must say going on tour with the legends Dying Fetus and Pestilence were the highest of all honors bestowed upon us!

What is the craziest shit you’ve experienced while on tour? :)

Hmmmmm… our van breaking down at a coke dealer’s house who was also the promoter for a show we played would probably top the list. We stayed there for like three days. He continuously provided beer and food while he dealt coke to people of the higher echelons of his city (such as judges, city councilmen, etc.). We even spent Easter Day with him and his family.

Your lyrics seems to be inspirated by ancient mythology. Why did you choose this topic to write about? How strong is your inspiration of ancient stories? Are studying history or are you only a passionates?

I studied Anthropology and Archaeology during my time at unversity, so I guess you could say that this greatly influenced the lyrics found within OCR. I’ve always been into ancient history and mythology though. Even as a child I was into Egyptology. So… I guess you could say that I’ve always had a mind for these things because of curiosity.

I see, that your lyrics are connected with a occultism/luciferianism (?), because still establishing and fascinating the „dark side power”. Are you into this things? How important are your lyrics for you?

My beliefs are ever evolving, so I couldn’t honestly say that I believe in these things at face value. However, I believe there are many truths found within the occult if you search deep enough.

Did religion have any impact on you growing up?

I grew up in a Christian home; although I can’t say I ever believed. I always questioned the message of „the gospel.”

Your all time favorite death metal album?

Can I only pick one? Hahaha

As it is today, what would you say are some of the biggest problems with the metal scene today?

In the United States? The problem is a lack of unity. The scene is completely fractured. People only go out to the shows that their clique fits into. Trends are another thing. Your real metal fan doesn’t care about this, but there are a lot of people out there who don’t really care about metal but rather only what is popular. That’s why metalcore got so popular in the early 00′s and deathcore later in the late 00′s up to the present. They are trend oriented, and therefore, they sell the most. Because they sell more, the labels give them more attention, and the vicious cycle continues on and on — all in the name of cash.

When you’re not touring and playing music what do you then do for a living?

We work day jobs. Our current vocalist, Adrian Perez, works as a photographer; both Jack and I work at America’s organic supermarket, Whole Foods; James does construction and fabrication work; and Elijah is the Assistant Manager of local a restaurant.

What next do you have planned for the band?

We plan to be the progenators of a new subgenre of metal — that of technical black metal.

We are releasing a new album that will feature close to an hour of music sometime later this year, but first we are going to go on THE SHRED TILL YOU’RE DEAD TOUR featuring ENFOLD DARKNESS, ABIOTIC, VALE OF PNATH, and AFTER THE SPIRE. Go to our Facebook ( for more information

Anything you’d like to add to conclude this interview?

To get a preview of our new style, check out our new song, „Lairs of the Ascended Masters”, which is streaming on the Sumerian Records YouTube Channel. If you like what you hear, please leave a comment, and share it with your friends! AVE SATANAS!

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Dust N Brush – interview

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1. Hi! What`s up! :) How about your mood after the Gotta Go Festival? :) Could you tell about this event?
Hello, I’m really excited about Gotta Go! That was great festival, great organization and great crew of course.

2. First of all we would like to get know your history. How did the band form and why the name Dust N Brush?

The band was created in 2009 by Maciek (guitar) and Grzegorz (drums). Initially they were just playing in a garage, then I joined them and that were 3 of us and then we were in three. Jacek (vocals) joined the band soon and we started playing together. After a few weeks, we had 3 tracks and we were looking for second guitarist. Maciek join as soon and the band was complete. Few months later and few played gigs, Grzegorz had to leave the band. We hadn’t drummer. Maciek also playing drums, so he start playing drums in DNB. We met Kmieto (guitar) soon and band was complete. Why Dust N Brush? I don’t know, but I love it :P hahaha

3. „Filth Of Our Blood” – your debut stuff got a great reviews and in effect, you singed a contract with a Ultimhate Records. How do you evaluate this album in retrospect? Do you see some disadvantages?

We are so excited about the contract. I think the album could be longer. But next it will be. I’ll promise!

4. What’re your personal favourite tracks from the album?

I like all of them! haha, but my favourite are: “The beginning” and “Across the world” Why? I love playing them on bass. These two songs gives me a shot of energy on stage.

5. Could you tell about the process of composing this stuff? How did you create this songs and did you expect this great answer from fans, label etc.?

Mainly all songs was composed by Maciek (guitar), lyrics written by Jacek. Usually Maciek shows us new song, then we change some parts like we want and song is already done. We weren’t sure what people think about our music, but now we are sure that Dust N Brush can be liked.

6. Your genre is a melodic death metal/deathcore. People often compare you with a The Black Dahlia Murder and it seems that you are proud from this comparison, right? Is it your the biggest inspiration? And why?

I think… yes it is. We love TBDM and we are inspired by them, but we are listening to many many more stuff. Are we “Polish Black Dahlia Murder”? I don’t think so.

7. A few weeks ago you recorded your first video. Could you tell something about the works with that and the concept?
We are so glad about the video. That was new experience for us, and we felt good doing it. The crew was professional and done well their job. There were 3 footage days, two with band and one with actors. I think our fans like the video. The concept has been written by Michał Pałuszny director of the video. He present us the concept and we decided what we accept and like.

8.What do you think, if you would be born in USA for example, would you have the easier way to develop your band? Do you agree with me that the good bands from the east Europe must have a incredible determination to make their bands more significant?
Hmm however I think it’s easier in west Europe or USA, but first you have to do the same – make good music. Metalcore, deathcore and others are still underground kind of music in east Europe. in the west that music is more popular – more music – more fans – more gigs etc. There are much more great bands. However we live in Poland and we are proud of being metal band here.

9. If you could change anything in the polish hardcore/metal scene, what would it be?

People start going on gigs and listen to metal ! And everything went good.

10. Your all time favorite death metal album?

Death – Symbolic

11. What are your goals from now on? Have you any new composed tracks?

Biggest goal is to promote the “Filth of our blood” and the band. In the early 2012 we’ll go on Europe tour so stay tuned on our facebook profile (don’t forget to like it! haha). We want to release some T-shirts and maybe something more. We have got some new stuff, about 6-7 tracks, still composing, but its too early to talk about it.

12. Thanx a lot for your time! It`s a time for your last words!

Thanks a lot ! Thanks for fans and people who support us, its pleasure play for You! See You somewhere on tour! Stay tuned on our facebook profile for news!

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Hollow Earth: „I hope the lyrics will at least serve as some measure of substance along the way”

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Hi! What`s up? What about the today weather in Michigan?

Hello. I’m currently in the midst of trying to tie up some loose ends regarding tour dates and of course, finally getting to these questions that I’ve neglected for quite some time now! Today’s weather in Michigan was rather pleasant. In fact, it’s been a pretty mild winter thus far.

How did the band form?

Let’s see, first off I’m Steve and I sing for the band. In 2010 I was fortunate enough to fill-in on bass for Shai Hulud for a handful of tours. That’s when I met Mike Moynihan, who was singing for Shai Hulud at the time and now plays guitar for Hollow Earth. We became buds pretty quickly. On my last tour with Hulud, in November of 2010, a young man by the name of Aaron Goodrich filled in on drums. The three of us bonded pretty hard on that tour and even joked about starting a band. Geography was not in our favor as Mike was living in Florida, Aaron was living in NYC and I was living/still live in Michigan. Ten months later through a strange turn of events, Aaron moved from New York to Michigan for the sole purpose of starting a touring band with me. When Mike heard about it, he wanted in and by the time he relocated to Michigan it was literally almost a year to the date that the three of us bonded on that Hulud tour. Weird, wild stuff. From there we recruited Jake Hicks on bass, Dave Giandiletti on the other guitar, and Hollow Earth was born. Since then Aaron has left the band, moved back to NYC and we now have another fellow Michigan native on drums, Jake Duhaime, which has been working out very well.

I found your 2 songs on some blogspot and it crushed me! It’s hardcore/metal on a very high level! How has it been received by the fans and media? Why only 2 songs? Are they representative of what’s to come?

First off, thank you, that’s very kind of you! Everything with this band thus far has happened very fast. We practiced 2-3 times a week throughout November and December of 2011 which resulted in a seemless collection of six songs. Feeling confident in the material we decided to self-finance a trip to Getaway Group in Massachusets with Jay Maas. To our surprise he was able to accomadate us much sooner than we had expected. By January 12th, we had a completed six-song EP in our hands. Our plan of attack was to shop the EP around to labels, in hopes of obtaining a tangible copy, preferably on vinyl! That’s where the 2 songs come into play… We wanted people to know we exist so we posted those two songs as a teaser of sorts while we worked on finding a home for all 6 tracks. The EP was written as a linear concept both musically and lyrically from start to finish. So taking a song like “There Will Come Soft Rains” out of context was a bit weird for us at first, but to answer your questions, yes, the 2 songs are very representative of the rest of the record and so far both songs have been received very well. We’ve had a slew of interesting reviews… Some with really, really nice things to say, some with not so nice things, and some that are quite comical regardless of the nature of the review! The EP is called “We Are Not Humanity” and came out on Panic Records, April 24th, 2012. The album is available for purchase on LP (one sided), CD or mp3 from

Do you think you got the production you were looking for?

Absolutely! This was my second time working with Jay Maas and aside from having a track record that speaks for itself, he is a lot of fun to work with and a master of his craft. I’m by no means an expert when it comes to production, but I’m fairly certain that if you chronologically listen to a handful of records that Jay has done, you can hear a progressive improvement. He makes a solid effort to try new things and keep it interesting, as opposed to finding a formula that works and sticking with it. There’s really nothing worse (from a producation standpoint) than hearing multiple records by different bands that all sound the same. And even if I’m wrong, and the Maasman is guilty of this, he’ll make up for it in witty wise-cracks throughout the entire session… That much, is a guarantee!

Besides Hollow Earth, are you currently in other bands?

Yes, as a matter of fact I play guitar in a band called Great Reversals (who also recorded with Jay Maas) and I sing for a band called Tharsis They. Jake Hicks (bass) plays guitar for a band called End Trails. Jake Duhaime also plays drums in a band called From Hell. All of the aforementioned bands are actively based out of Michigan and can be found fairly easily on the internet. Should anyone be interested in more info, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at

How big of a role do the lyrics play for the band, and music?

The lyrical content of our songs will always be at the forefront of what we do. I’ve learned a lot about life and myself through writing lyrics (for bands both past and present) and it’s certainly not something I take very lightly (for better or for worse). And though I have no idea what the specific lyrical future holds for Hollow Earth, I feel confident in saying it will be certainly be something we put a lot of thought and effort into.

Let’s do an analysis of the lyrics. They are based on the disappointment of the world. What do you think whether the direction in which humanity can chose to turn back?

The concept that our record (We Are Not Humanity) embodies is something I’ve been sitting on for nearly 3 years, and seeing it come to fruition was very exciting for me. All six songs are based on the writings of Daniel Quinn, particularly “Ishmael” and “The Story of B.” The record begins by clinging to the intrinsic notion that human beings magically inherited the Earth and are free to do with it as we please. By the end of the record we realize that it wasn’t always this way, that human beings once belonged to a community of life along with every other living creature on Earth. Whether or not it’s too late for the human race to alter its course is something I waffle on. More often than not I find myself rooting for some type of devastating apocalyptic ending. For it is far easier to turn a blind eye and mindlessly contribute to the problem than to implore myself to find effective and practical ways of contributing to the solution. At the end of the day, I don’t have a sound answer to your question. At one time I truly believed writing thought provoking lyrics and simply being outspoken could incite some sort of small scale revolution, even if only within the punk/hardcore subculture. These days I’m a bit more skeptical. To truly enact change I think you need to move beyond the limits of a subculture, which (again for better of for worse) is something I’m not quite ready to do in my life. As cheesy as it sounds, I hope the experience of playing music and traveling will be a stepping stone of sorts so that when the time comes I might find myself working towards greater change in the world… But as for now I’m selfishly enjoying the privilege of being able to pour my time and energy into this band. And so long as I am doing so, I hope the lyrics will at least serve as some measure of substance along the way.

What made humanity become a parasitic plague on the world and at what time did this happen in your opinion?

This is a great question. As I mentioned, the lyrical concepts were inspired by the writings of Daniel Quinn. In the novel “Ishmael” he goes to great lengths to answer this very question. I’m not sure how much I can offer in the way of WHY humanity has become a “parasitic plague” for that is rather complicated. But as far as WHEN, I agree with Quinn in saying that it began over ten thousand years ago at the dawn of the agricultural revolution.

Do you think people with each succeeding generation will improve the world or destroy it even more?

Ultimately my faith in mankind is generally pretty low, particularly on a grand scale. I would like to think that eventually push will come to shove and we’ll have no choice other than to take the necessary measures to mend our relationship with the earth and in my opinion, the sooner the better. For with each succeeding generation technology is only going to lead us further and further from being able to sustain ourselves should something catastrophic unfold.

How big a role in stupefying the society has a strong promotion of consumerism by media, concerns etc.?

Its role is undeniable. Mass media consumption can be just as helpful as it can be harmful. Unfortunately, in our culture it seems that the latter prevails. It’s really easy to just point a finger at the major networks and corporations controlling these mediums but it really boils down to the individual. For the most part, we have the ability and the means to subject ourselves to alternative media outlets and whether or not we choose to do so is completely in our control. For those of us who are priveleged enough to have a wealth of resources at our disposal (particularly Internet access), there’s really no excuse not to educate ourselves on political and social issues. However, most of our society is taught to accept things as they are without question from a very young and impressionable age which often results in a certain type of cradle to grave mentality, which gives mass media a virtually insurmountable advantage. It is for that very reason I’m thankful I was exposed to punk and hardcore, which urged me to start asking questions.

Do you solely find inspiration within the hardcore genre, or do you appreciate music like punk and crust as well?

We definitely draw inspiration outside the boundaries of the hardcore genre. Bands like Mastodon, Russian Circles, Propagandhi, and apparently Emperor and Behemoth (according to Mike) could be considered influences. If any of that qualifies as punk and/or crust I’m not really sure, you be the judge. We’ve been compiling a short mental list of records that all 5 of us equally enjoy in the van: Ghost “Opus Epoymous” – Foxy Shazam “Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll” – Yuck “Self-Titled” – Propagandhi “Supporting Caste” and anything from Queen’s catalogue. I’m not sure how relevant that is in regards to our direct influence or inspiration on our music per say, but it’s what we’re collectively listening to!

You wrote that you like eating food in places we don’t live:) Could you tell something about your culinary discoveries?:)

Ha! That’s funny that you picked that out. Mike (guitar) and I are both vegan, and between our travels in Shai Hulud and now with Hollow Earth we’ve really become fond of spending ridiculous amounts of money at vegan restaurants wherever we go! Michigan isn’t the most vegan-friendly state, nor is Florida for that matter, so it’s quite exciting to see what other cities have to offer. However, we’ve quickly learned that we can’t keep breaking our budget night after night, so we started bringing a rice cooker on tour and have resorted to good ol’ rice and beans most nights, or the occasional Thai-curry experiment here and there! It’s fun. Most people are pretty baffled when they see a steaming pot near the merch table!

What next do you have planned for the band?

We are currently 5 days into a month long trek out to the west coast and back. We’re playing Rain Fest, which is extremely exciting for us! After that we have a short Midwest run with our friends in Like Wolves, then we do a couple weeks in the Northeast with Reign Supreme immediately followed by a handful of shows with This is Hell in July. Our hope is to tour as much as possible. We’ve done a healthy amount of touring thus far in the States and we’ve been having a blast, so we hope to keep it up. Our record just came out recently, so we plan to continue to support it as much as possible. It’d be nice to hit Canada and hopefully Europe as well in the near future… However, we’re also getting anxious to write some new material, which would mean taking a break from the road. So, at this point who knows? We shall see.

Anything you’d like to add to conclude this interview?

Well first and foremost, MY APOLOGIES for taking so long to complete this interview! I’m dealing with a terrible combination of being a procrastinator, a perfectionist, and the always busy “band dad!” I can’t thank you enough for taking an interest in our band, it’s quite flattering! Cheers.