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Ghostchant – Shards [EP 2014]

20 lutego 2014 | By | No Comments

Extremely pleased me a message that members of the great Hungarian bands – Bridge To Solace and Newborn formed a new band. In connection with the aforementioned connotations , do not have to worry about the level of these publication, because as you know, these are the sure marks. However, it should be noted that the nature of the Ghostchant music is different to the previous projects. While the BTS and Newborn were rotating in climates more melodic hardcore / metalcore, here we are dealing with a lot darker and more brutal stuff. This does not mean the total disposal of the melody, but it is given in a different form. Blackened hardcore is probably the best description Ghostchant style . While listening to this rather short material scroll through my head the following names: Hollow Earth , Heaven Shall Burn , Nasum , and even Watain . The songs are very diverse – not lack a climatic redundancies , sinister sounds connected with black metal style (especially in ” Devoid / Disposed ” ), on the other hand blasts and feisty hc / punk motility . All served with extraordinary taste. Also the sound is very decent – without modern sintetics, we can feel the space in batches of two guitars. My favorite track was first published on the web – ” Shards ” . I have listened it pretty much on bandcamp before they left the whole EP and even I can already play it in a memory :) . The nature of this song reminds me of an „Fury” by Nasum , especially because of the dynamics and timbre vocals and way of phrasing . Vocalist operates fairly smoothly throaty and characteristic high screaming / screeching . You can hear that his parts are arranged in a thoughtful manner , without senseless race to fit in a given verse . You can not on this occasion not to mention also of great lyrics, which in a very neat way to express disappointment at the order of the modern world, consumerism, greed , etc. For me it is debut of the year for now and I look forward to more releases Ghostchant.

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