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Black Breath Ask For Donations To Help Injured Drummer

14 lutego 2014 | By | No Comments


The mighty Black Breath are asking for fans to donate to help their drummer Jamie Byrum, who was hit by a car and is currently unable to support himself.

After being hospitalised last month, Jamie will be out of work for at least half a year as a result of the crash, and as such the band are encouraging people to help the drummer out by donating to campaign set up by one of his friends.

The following update was recently posted on the band’s Facebook page:

“People have been asking how they can help Jamie out while he is recovering from getting struck by a car a few weeks back. Some have already helped raise money and others have been inquiring about throwing benefit shows for him, for which we are all humbled and grateful. In addition, a friend of his helped build this website for anyone else who would like to help out. All donations are received with the deepest appreciation, and will help immensely with getting Jamie through this rough period where he is unable to play shows or work or make any sort of living. We plan to buy him an electronic drum kit to play at home until he is well enough to leave his house and start playing the real thing at our practice space, and at some point hopefully sooner than later we will be back with a new LP and live show for y’all.”

Jamie gave the following update on January 16th:

“Back at home after a week in the hospital and feeling good. My leg, which was broken in 4 places after being mauled by a very unthreatening looking car, is healing up well. I still can’t walk, or do much of anything and am currently locked in at my house as I can’t get down my steps! Friends, feel free to stop by anytime, I’m not going anywhere. The next couple months all I have planned is recovering and playing guitar. We have an album to write and I got all the free time so let the fun begin. Would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the friends and family that have had my back through this fiasco. As well as anyone else sending some PMA my way. It’s unreal as there are too many to mention, but you know who you are! Thank you all! Love you guys…

For details on how you can donate and help Jamie out, follow the link below…

You can find Black Breath on Facebook.

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